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Gold Rush Records
The Future Of Square and Round Dancing

Gold Rush Square Dance Productions is dedicated to providing Square and Round dance leaders with the most dynamic music options available in the world today.

It is our goal to revolutionize Modern Western Style Square and Round Dancing with not only high quality music and recordings, but also by utilizing karaoke technology to make the activity more accessible to new dance leaders as well as the hearing impaired.

Here you will learn about all of the products and services we provide and hopefully get to know us and our staff.

Thank You

Scott & Shawn Brown


Preview our latest music and see what’s

New at Gold Rush Records. We are currently working closely with Dosado.com to get all of our new releases out on time every month.

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Club Info.

Directions to our club and information on dance nights

The School For The Deaf

Come Dance With Us

Some Things You Might Not Know About Square Dancing

Fun Facts

Square Dancing At

The School For The Deaf

The Hearing Impaired  

See What You Have Been Missing

Karaoke For Callers?

Learn To Cue Rounds Instantly

The Future Is Now

EZ-Cue cdg

Fun Facts Multimedia Karaoke SC EZ-Cue

Square Dancing In The 21st Century

A Definitive Guide to Modern Pattern Dancing

By Scott Brown




Visit the Pittsburgh Area Callers and Cuers Association for up to date information on the activity.

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