Gold Rush Records
The Future Of Square and Round Dancing

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Our Story

With compact discs and other digital media making their way onto the scene in the 1990’s, some of us felt the need to explore the benefits of  these developing technology’s and find way’s to best use them within the Square and Round dance community. This was our goal when we founded Gold Rush.

Like the Alaskan Gold Rush of the 1890’s, we believed that the 1990’s technology boom in the recording industry would lead to new frontiers within Square and Round dancing. It seemed at the time, however, that the industry was not yet ready to take advantage of these developing trends. This may have been due to the uncertainty among dance leaders as to what eventual universal format would result. Gold Rush then went dormant for several years and waited for a time when the Industry would begin to move forward again with a new format.

In June of  2009 Gold Rush Records began releasing Square and Round dance music again In multiple Digital formats, including Karaoke based formats, which provide Callers and Cuer’s which options that were never previously available.

It is our mission to lead Square and Round Dancing into the Twenty First Century with multimedia formats and modern music options that will make the activity more appealing  to modern audiences and more accessible to the hearing Impaired.