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The  easiest system ever developed

for learning to cue rounds

EZ-Cue cdg

EZ-Cue cdg was the brainchild of Round Dance Cuer and Ballroom Dance Instructor Bud Merrihew. Bud and I first met at a dance I was calling in the Pittsburgh area back in 2006. It was there that Bud proposed the idea of synchronizing cues to the music line by line in a Karaoke format to get around a problem he had getting his cue sheet to scroll in time with the music on his computer. I immediately realized the potential of his suggestion, we exchanged contact information, and two weeks later we had a working prototype.

As a Square Dance Caller for many years, I wanted to learn the art of cueing rounds but never had any luck. With this in mind, we decided to test Bud’s idea by having me guest cue a couple of songs at his Round Dance club. Needless to say, the idea worked beautifully and thanks to Bud, I was successfully cuing my first rounds.

Our next step was to make the technology available to everyone. I contacted Palomino Records and began producing our first rounds for commercial release. All of our rounds are released in multiple video formats to allow playback on laptops (Mp3+g), IPod's (.mov), and portable DVD players (.avi & .wmv). These additional formats can be found on all of our audio CD’s when they are inserted into  the CD-Rom drive of a computer. All of our rounds are available for sale exclusively from Palomino Records.

Now anyone can learn the Art Of Cuing Rounds by using the karaoke format to get started. Once you become proficient with EZ-Cue, you will find making the transition to a traditional cue sheet fairly easy.

Home Sky Boat Sample.wmv

If you would like to try EZ-Cue, and see for yourself how you can start cueing rounds today, just click on the video icon above.

The numbers before each line indicate the number of measures of music required to complete each line of cues. The line will change color when the new line is started.

Give it a try.