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Chris Jacobs

Chris started dancing traditional square’s in the early 1990's.  In 2007, he was introduced to Modern Western Style Square Dancing and began to call within a year of learning how to dance.  He has attended the Pocono Caller School with Tom Miller, and the GSI Caller School at the National Square Dance Convention in Detroit. Chris now calls both traditional hoedown squares as well as mainstream and plus. In this short time, Chris has become one of the most talented and innovative young callers in the Western PA tri state area.

Chris is a member of the American Callers Association and in 2010 became one of the founding members of the Pittsburgh Area Callers and Cuers Association, where he is currently the Vice President. Chris is also the Caller Program Director for the West Virginia Square and Round Dance Convention.

Chris’s fresh ideas on promoting Square and Round dancing and his continued willingness to reach out to other callers has led to his partnership with Gold Rush Records and we feel very fortunate to have him on our staff.

Chris calls regularly at clubs in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. He also calls at the West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance conventions as well as the national convention.

Chris continues to call hoedown at the Jewett Community Center and he and his wife Kelsey still enjoy dancing hoedown as well as western style, attending several square dance weekends per year.

One of Chris' goals is to get more people dancing by promoting a more efficient system of instruction making it easier for people to learn to dance, and ultimately making the activity more accessible to everyone.  

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Chris Jacobs

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Chris's Music