Gold Rush Records
The Future Of Square and Round Dancing

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Take your Square Dance Record Label into the 21st Century with dynamic multimedia formats for Callers and Cuers

Karaoke Video Production Service

Gold Rush Records currently has over 70 square dance records available in easy to read Karaoke format for sale through Palomino Records. We will continue to market this format to callers for years to come. We believe that this multi format platform will ultimately make Square and Round Dancing more accessible to new Callers and Cuers as well as the Hearing and Visually Impaired.

If you own a Square Dance record label and would like to provide these formats for your customers, but don’t want to invest the time or incur the additional software costs, we can help.

We will produce your Karaoke video for release with you music at the flat rate of only $25.00 per song. All we need is the vocal and instrumental MP3 and you will receive the MP3+G video as well as an IPod version, .avi, and .wmv for release with your new song.

With the laptop computer now becoming the industry standard among Callers and Cuers, this format is gaining popularity and momentum. Square View now handles this Karaoke format with others not far behind. Don’t be left playing catch-up down the road.