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Lisa Minton

Lisa is the newest member of the Gold Rush Staff

and has taken us in a whole new direction with new ideas for music and the promotion of Square and Round dancing.

Lisa is a newcomer to Modern Western Style Dancing and Calling. Lisa joined the Pittsburgh Area Callers And Cuers Association in 2012 and has over twenty records to her credit. Her unique style and fresh ideas have resulted in what we feel are some of the most dynamic Singing Calls ever produced for women callers.

Lisa holds a degree in Business, is an accomplished equestrian, former 4H member and leader, and competitive Barrel Racer. In 2012 Lisa organized The Gold Rush Riders, an exhibition team that performs Modern Western Style Square Dancing on horseback.  

Lisa called at the 2012 WV and PA Square and Round Dance Conventions returning the following 2 years and OH in 2014. Lisa called her first National Convention in Oklahoma City in 2013 and returned to Little Rock in 2014. She is a member of Callerlab and the Pittsburgh Area Callers And Cuers Association.

Lisa has made it her mission to make the world of Modern Western Style Square Dance Calling more accessible to women by providing female callers with music options never before available.

To contact Lisa: 412-215-0617


Lisa and The Gold Rush Riders performing at the Hookstown fair in 2012

Lisa and her Daughter are

Couple No. 3

Lisa's Music

Lisa and her Daughter in the Hookstown Rodeo 2011 wrestling with an alpaca

Lisa and her daughter Karla win this event.

Lisa and The Gold Rush Riders performing again at the

Hookstown fair in 2013.

The addition of a plus level figure has been added as well as different camera angles.