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The Future Of Square and Round Dancing

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More Here Than Meets The Eye:

Everyone knows about George Washington’s great accomplishments but few know that he was a Square Dancer. Several engravings still exist depicting our most famous founding father engaged in early forms of Square Dancing.

Henry Ford

Yes he invented the automobile, but do you know he is also responsible for saving and preserving Square Dancing. Ford dedicated vast amounts of his money and resources to documenting, promoting , and preserving square dancing for future generations. He is also the one responsible for making square dancing a part of the physical education requirement of the public schools.

First Square Dance Record Producer

We all know Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph, but did you know that the first record ever recorded by Edison Recording Company was a square dance record. The record featured Caller Benjamin Lovett who was employed by Henry Ford.

Gentle On My Mind

Many people are familiar with this famous song made popular by Glen Campbell. This song was written by the famous American composer John Hartford. John was also known for being a lover of square dancing and a Hoedown Caller.

Former President Jimmy Carter credits a rural square dance club he joined in 1953 with helping him win a state Senate seat by a scant 66 votes. President Carter has said that he would have never become President if it wasn't for Modern Western Style Square Dancing.

Square Dancing Leads Back To The White House

On January 25, 1982 the 97th Congress unanimously passed a Joint Resolution designating square dancing as the national folk dance of the United States and on June 1, 1982 President Reagan signed it. This Resolution was a temporary action which would expire in two years. To make the national recognition permanent the Congress requested that the proponents return to the States for individual state endorsement and when two-thirds of the states complied, reconsideration by Congress would be automatic.

President Ronald Reagan made square dancing the National Folk Dance 1982-1983.

Our National Dance and State Dance

George Washington


Roy Rogers began his career as a Square Dance Caller from Ohio by the name of Leonard Slye. When he moved to California he changed his name to Roy Rogers as the movie studio thought it was more fitting for a cowboy. They must have been right since he ultimately become the King of the Cowboys.

I was very fortunate to meet Roy Rogers one year in Pittsburgh PA where he told me the story himself just as I finished calling a square dance demonstration  at one of his restaurants

Roy Rogers