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Modern Pattern Dance Program Books

This teaching manual for Square Dancing in The 21st Century is a step by step guide to accelerated teaching methods for Modern Western Style Square Dancing. It is recommended for dance leaders looking to implement the Modern Pattern Dance Program.

The Teaching manual covers preparation, music selection, singing call reconstruction, instruction block modules for each phase of instruction, and reinforcement patter for each phase of instruction.

Actual dialogue has been recreated in bold print for better understanding.

Square Dancing In The 21st Century:         Price $30.00 US

Teaching Manual for Modern Pattern Dancing

If Square Dancing is to survive, it must meet the needs of today's society. Sustainable square dance programs are the only solution to preserving this activity for future generations. The Modern Pattern Dance Program was developed by Gold Rush to meet these needs.

Our new book details the psychological techniques behind the Modern Pattern Dance Program that takes new dancers from entry level to Mainstream in less than 12 weeks. This new program uses modern teaching methods developed in other areas such as Martial Arts, Stage Hypnosis, NLP, and Education to greatly accelerate the learning process and increase long term retention.

Dancers may begin anytime, start dancing immediately, learn at their own pace, track their own progress, and pick up where they left off. The Pattern Dance Program is extremely versatile and allows Callers and Clubs multiple options for implementing the program in a way that is right for them.

The program facilitates effortless integration of new dancers into the pre-existing Mainstream dance community and also makes use of modern technology such as text messaging, and modern marketing tactics.

Modern Pattern Dancing provides the tools for long term sustainable Mainstream dancing, and rebuilding our activity from the ashes of a dying one.

Square Dancing In The 21st Century:

A Definitive Guide to Modern Pattern Dancing

Price $30.00 US

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