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Art LaVigne

Art started Square Dancing in 1976 at the age of 12 with the “Teen Travelers” in Lowell, MA. He graduated in June of 1977. One week after graduation their caller Phil Kandrut held an amateur caller night. Knowing this was coming up Art taped Phil’s calling, studied it for hours and memorized it exactly. The night of the dance Art got up and did the singing call he studied (Send Her Roses) verbatim to what Phil did on the tape. Phil was so impressed that he let Art do another later that night.

Art’s mom and dad, who were in attendance at the time, were so excited they contacted their caller who had an old sound system for sale and bought it for Art as a present. Less than four months later, at age 13, Art called his first solo dance.

In 1980 Art attended callers school at “East Hill Farm” in Troy NH with Al Brundage & Earl Johnston. Later that  year he called his first club level dance for the “Depot Squares” in Shirley Ma. In 1982 He became club caller for the “Twirling TNT’s” in Manchester, NH


In 1985 Art met his wife Amy at a square dance, and in 1986 Amy and Art were Married. Art became the club caller for several New England clubs including “Two Hearts as One” in Gardener, MA and “Spindle City Squares” in Lowell, MA. Art also served as a guest caller at many clubs throughout New England. Art has called at multiple National Conventions as well as the New England and PA Convention.


In 1991 Art moved to Maryland, and settled in Hagerstown. In 1997 he became the club caller for the “Gad-Abouts” in Hagerstown, MD and In 2012, Art recorded his first singing call "Hip To Be Square" on Alter-Ego Recordings. In 2013 he went on to record"The Way" also on Alter-Ego.

In 2015 Art was asked to join the staff here at Gold Rush and recorded his first Gold Rush release "The Living Years". We are excited to have Art as part of our Gold Rush Team and welcome his fresh ideas and modern calling style. We continue to enjoy working with Art both at State and National Conventions as well as in the production



Art and Amy have two Children: Sondra who was born in 1988 and Randy who was born in 1990.

To contact Art visit his website here:

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