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The Future Of Square and Round Dancing

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Web Design For Callers And Clubs

The best way to promote Modern Western Style Square Dancing today is the

same way we promote everything else, on the Internet with your own website.

If you are reading this, it means that Websites work. Promoting your club or

calling business with a modern professionally designed website can make a huge

difference for the future of the activity. It is for this reason that we have

decided to offer this service at an extremely low cost to Dance Leaders and Clubs.

Everything on this website was created by us here at Gold Rush and if you are

a Club or Dance Leader, we can create and host one for you or your club at a price

you can afford.  

How affordable is it? We will design, post, and maintain your site for an annual fee

which is less than what it costs to hire most callers for a night. Email us your

information each month that you would like posted and we do the rest. No hidden fees, no surprises, no hassles, just an awesome website for your club or Caller.

Our basic package includes your domain name, Home Page, About Us page, Gallery page for pictures and videos, Calendar page, and Contact Us page with a Google map and email box. Other options are also available. Examples of these pages can be seen by viewing the pages on this site.

We only offer these prices to the Square and Round Dance community for the purpose of promoting the activity, and some restrictions may apply. Our mission is to preserve Square and Round Dancing and promote it to a modern world.